McGard FAQ

We have summarized here the questions you ask most often and their response.
Below each question you will find information and helpful tips.

1. How do I find the right McGard Wheel Locks reference for my car?
Select your vehicle on our website. You can find quickly and easily the right Wheel Locks reference for your EOM rims.
Once you have identified the type of your car and your wheels, the reference will appear below.

Note: If your vehicle is not equipped with the EOM rims, or if you are using wheel spacers, please select the reference of McGard Wheel Locks screws (or nuts) corresponding to your current installation. In this case, you can not use our vehicle selection system.

2. How do I torque the McGard Wheel Locks?
You must tighten the McGard Wheel Locks using the supplied wrench and a torque wrench to the torque indicated in the vehicle handbook.
For more information please refer to the manufacturer's recommendations.

3. Do all McGard Wheel Locks have the same key?
No, McGard uses hundreds of different codes which can hardly distinguish with the naked eye.

4. What is the identification card (or sticker) "ID Registration" McGard?
The McGard "ID Registration" card is included in each McGard Wheel Locks set. This card identifies the code of the set you purchased, its type, style and security key code. It is recommended to complete and return this card to McGard immediately after purchase. This service is free and will allow to assist you in case of loss of the card and the security key. This information will be stored in the McGard database to help you in the event of spare parts orders.

5. What do I do in case of loss or damage to my key?
You can order directly and without problems a spare key from McGard at:
It is important to note that the number on your "ID Registration" card will be requested. It is therefore important not to lose it.

6. Is there any plastic covers for McGard wheel lock?
This is for your own safety that McGard offers no plastic covers. If a thief does not see immediately the Wheel Locks due to plastic covers, and begins to remove the screws or nuts. He will then stop in place when discovering the car is protected by a McGard Wheel Locks system. This can be dangerous for you because nobody controls each day if the wheels nuts are present and tight.
If you have black nuts on your wheels, you can use the McGard Wheel Locks in black, which were developed specifically for this case.

7. How much should I install anti-theft nuts per wheel?
McGard recommended to install only one Wheel Locks per wheel.

8. What are the original locks McGard?
McGard is an American brand founded in California in 1964.
All McGard products are designed and manufactured in the USA to ensure the best possible quality.

9. How good quality are McGard products?
McGard is an American brand, not a Chinese brand. Its products are manufactured in the USA, not China. McGard is used by many auto manufacturers. McGard products, unlike competitors, don't rust. Below is a comparison of corrosion stress tests between competitor products and McGard products. The pictures speak for themselves, McGard quality is without competition.